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Name Description size
Islamic Calligraphy This screen saver is based on Islamic Calligraphy. It features a cool design made in Macromedia Flash and i hope you will appreciate it. I wish this screen saver will enlighten your desktop. Optimised for 800x600 resolution. (Designed by Yusuf Bauluck) 1.3MB
Bouncing Crescent 1 This is a cool little screensaver that has a spinning crescent which collides with other crescents, sending them bouncing around your screen. With sound effects 3.2MB
Bouncing Crescent 2 This is the follow up to the Bouncing Crescents Screensaver. It features a black celestial background, which is better for your monitor. 3.0MB
Ayat screensaver Rotates the display of verses from the Quran with good graphics. 4.6MB
Hajj Screensaver Features people making Tawaf around the Ka'aba. 580K
Rotating Ayah This is a screensaver with Qur'anic calligraphy and a rotating sphere inscribed with an Ayah from the Qur'an. 570K
Mosques This screensaver features photos of the most famous mosques in the world, including the three holy mosques. 1.4MB
Mosques paintings Features selected paintings of Mosques around the world painted by the Chinese artist, Sean Wang. 1.93MB
Quranic Verses Features various photos superimposed with English translations of Qur'anic text. 1.3MB
Science A screensaver about science in Islam. 570KB
Islamic Art Islamic art screensaver 518KB
Baqir 800x600 The Islamic Screen Saver contains lots of Islamic images and over 120 Islamic saying. Optimized for 800x600 Res. 1.36MB
Baqir 1024x768 The Islamic Screen Saver contains lots of Islamic images and over 120 Islamic saying. Optimized for 1024x768 Res. 1.69MB
Prayer Time This Program allows the user to simply enter the name of a city and the date to obtain the prayer times for that city. Program and documentation by Dr. Monzur Ahmed
Islamsoft Prayer Time Will notify you when Prayer time comes with a window display and the sound of a'than
Replace the start and exit music of Windows by Islamic statement
Will notify you with a beep before a'than time (customizable by number of minutes)
Hijri-Cal 1.0 Hijri-Cal 1.0 is a Perpetual Calendar which converts and displays the corresponding Islamic calendar dates for each day in the Gregorian calendar. You can navigate through the months and the date conversion is automatically computed and displayed in an easy to use dual-calendar. 250KB
Websites Websites with Free Islamic Softwares  
Divine Islam

A wonderful site offering various free Islamic Softwares, including: Qur'an Viewer 2.5, Qur'an Viewer 1.5, Hadith-Qudsi 1.0, Hijri-Cal 1.2, and much more.