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The Prophet of Mercy

{And We have not sent you (O, Muhammad, salla allahu `alaihi wa-sallam) but as a mercy for the ‘Âlamîn (mankind, jinn and all that exists)}; [21:107].

Among the miracles of Allah that Muslims witness, is that Islam spreads steadily and strongly both when Muslims are strong and united and when Muslims are weak and divided. Currently, and obvious to those who understand Allah’s Promises and Warnings, Muslims are weak and divided, contrary to the commandments of Allah Who enjoined on them unity around the Two Revelations, the Quran and Sunnah. As a direct consequence of the weakness and disunity of Muslims, there is a blatant and world-wide aggression being committed against Islam’s sacred tenets and against the honor and practices of Muhammad, salla allahu `alaihi wa-sallam. However weak Muslims are, there is an obligation on them to defend their beloved Prophet, salla allahu `alaihi wa-sallam, just as Allah, sub`hanahu wa-ta`ala, defended him in various parts of His Book against accusations of being a mad man, a poet and a magician; hence this is a modest attempt to defend Islam through a new book titled, The Prophet of Mercy.

The Prophet of Mercy, is partly in response to a vicious, much publicized book criticizing our beloved Prophet, peace be upon him, titled, The Prophet of Doom, by Craig Winn, a discredited businessman and unenlightened evangelist who slandered our Prophet with the worst possible descriptions a fanatical evangelists can produce. Winn not only described Muhammad, salla allahu `alaihi wa-sallam, as a terrorist and a murderer, but also called Allah the same and worse names. His book contains a terrible collection of words of abuse, horrific errors, blatant mistakes and intentional distortions of Islam to such an extent that justifies spending time on a rebuttal, so that Truth becomes apparent and Falsehood becomes destroyed and demolished.

The Prophet of Mercy, will inshaallah be offered in two separate versions, a free e-book and a hard-copy version. Inshaallah, this book will contain twelve chapters, the first two of which are already posted on the Internet (WWW.Madinahstore.Com). The table of contents for these two chapters are included in this announcement. The chapters from the third to the eleventh will be dedicated to specific rebuttal of various claims made by Winn and other writers who defamed Islam and its Prophet. This rebuttal is knowledge-based and will contain detailed explanation of the various Islamic topics that Winn mentioned in his book, such as refuting his terrible explanation on Surat al-Anfal. The twelfth chapter will be unique in that it will be read in its entirety onto a CD and will contain narratives of stories of three honorable Prophets mentioned in the Quran in comparison to their stories in the Two Testaments. We call upon all Muslims to support us in this honorable project, asking Allah to make this work sincere in His Sake and in defense of our beloved Prophet, salla allahu `alaihi wa-sallam. For information on how you can support this project, please refer to the end of this announcement. The last of our speech is, “All thanks and praises be to Allah, Lord of all that exists.”

Jalal Abualrub
Madinah Publishers and Distributors

Purchase this book here: http://www.madinahstore.com

Inshaallah, We Intend to Print 20,000 Copies of, The Prophet of Mercy, and Distribute Thousands of its Copies for Free to Public Libraries, Libraries of Colleges and Universities, Media Personalities and Government Agencies

Jalal Abualrub’s, The Prophet of Mercy, vs. Craig Winn’s, The Prophet of Doom

Chapter One
1. Winn Said in His Letter to the Reader….
2. The Feeding Frenzy
3. Is It Four Months, 10,000 Hours or Two Years?
4. This Book
5. The Debate That Never Took Place
6. My Challenge to Debate Winn Still Stands Unanswered
7. Fair Minded People of All Faiths Are Requested to Read ‘The Prophet of Mercy’
8. Ignoring the Ignorant
9. Winn Describes His Book of Doom
10. Terror, Terrorist, Terrorism; Terror, Terrorist, Terrorism; etc.
11. Introductory Evidence to Winn’s Flagrant Corruption of Islamic Texts
12. The Prophet said, “I Have Been Made Victorious With Terror”
13. Clear Evidence
14. The True Context of the Hadeeth That Winn Corrupted
15. Even Without Translating, ‘Ru`b’, the Reader Can Easily Understand Its Intended Meaning
16. A Blend More Righteous than Winn’s Corrupted Blend
17. Winn’s Shameful Slander of the Prophet of Islam
18. My Pre-911 KJV Bible Repeated the Word ‘Terror’ 44 Times; the Quran Repeated it 7 Times
19. Craig Winn as Compared to Muhammad, peace be upon him
20. Value America files for bankruptcy
21. dot.bomb: My Days and Nights at an Internet Goliath
22. A Fair Judge Listens to Both Sides to the Dispute Before Rendering Judgment
23. Winn’s “Blender” Should be Patented
24. Tau`heed (Islamic Monotheism) is Pagan, While Trinity is Monotheistic?
25. Allah is the Moon God?
26. Before KJV of the Bible Was Ever Written, There Were Arabic Bibles Calling the Lord by His Name, ‘Allah’
27. Did Jesus Ever Call the Lord by, ‘God’?
28. How can ‘God’, be Closer in Pronunciation to, ‘Elohiym’, ‘Il’, ‘Ilu’, ‘Ilah’, than ‘Allah’?
‘God’, Was Never Used in Any Ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek or Latin Judaeo-Christian Scripture Manuscripts
29. “Love Thy Enemy”; “Whosoever Shall Smite Thee on Thy Right Cheek, Turn to Him the Other Also”
30. Is Western Media ‘Secular’, or ‘Judaeo-Christian’
31. ‘Mein Kampf’ is the German Version of ‘the Quran’; ‘Hitler’ Means ‘Muhammad’ in German
32. Was Hitler a Muslim Who Took Instructions From the Quran?
33. Masters of the Art of Denial
34. The Sky Rains Neos!


Chapter Two
• The Quran Does Not Have a Context?
• The Quran Contains Many Topics
• Does the Torah or the Gospel Mention the Creator and the Necessity to Serve Him Alone Only Once?
• Continuing Scientific Criticism of Some of Winn’s Claims
• Do ‘Qur’an’, ‘Tafsir’, ‘Hadeeth’, ‘Sunnah’, ‘Tarikh’, and, ‘Seerah’, Sound the Same?
• Undisputed Facts Universally Accepted by Muslims
• Ibn Is`haq’s Seerah as a Book of Hadeeth
• Winn Erroneously Designated a Blend of Books of Seerah, History and Sunnah as Being the Earliest Sunnah Books
• The Status of Muhammad Ibn Is`haq in Islam
• A Summary of How Muslim Scholars Treated Ibn Is`haq’s Hadeeth Narration
• Status of at-Tabari’s Tarikh
• If Hadeeth Established Through Weak Isnad (Chain of Narration) is Rejected in Islam, Then What About Stories that Have No Isnad?
• Why Did Ibn Is`haq and At-Tabari Collect Weak and Fabricated Reports in Their Seerah and Tarikh, Respectively
• What Does ‘Inspire’ Mean in Islamic Terminology?
• Importance of Isnad (Chains of Narration)
• A Brief Narrative of the Prophet’s Seerah
• The Prophet’s Genealogy
• Establishment of the Islamic State
• The Neo-Conservative Fantasy that the Islamic Jihad Started in Madinah Without Justification
• Flagrant Hypocrisy If Winn Does Not Condemn This
• Battles the Prophet Led Against Polytheists and Other Disbelievers
• How the Twenty-Three Years of Muhammad’s Prophethood Were Spent
• Did Muhammad Start Killing Civilians at the Age of Four?
• “Ramatni bi-Da-iha wa-n-Sallati (She Accused Me of Having the Disease That She Has and Then Proclaimed Herself Free of it)”
• Numbers Speak Louder Than a thousand Books of Doom
Number of Fatalities in All of the Prophet’s Battles Combined
• The Mother of All Hypocrisies
• The Jihad of the Prophet of Mercy Was Directed At Those Who Sought to Destroy Islam and Kill Muslims


You Can Help

1. Mail your donations to: Madinah Publishers and Distributors;
1075 Calendar Rd., Jonesville, KY 41052; (EIN 593651339)
5. Or, deposit your donation into this account:
Madinah Publishers and Distributors
Bank of America Account Number (003446583573); Route Number (063000047)
2. Notify MadinahCenter@Hotmail.Com of your donation for ‘Project: The Prophet of Mercy’; Jazakum Allahu khairan ………….Jalal Abualrub


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6. Holy Wars…Crusades…Jihad, a 300-page research on the rulings of Jihad and warfare in the Torah, Gospels and Quran
7. Biography of Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab, a 700-page historical study taken from more than 300 different western and Islamic resources on an important part of the history of Arabic in the eighteenth century

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